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The field of bariatric surgery and overweight is one of the most important areas that exist today due to the prevalence of obesity in the communities. Through studies, a large proportion of deaths are mainly caused by obesity due to its devastating consequences and side effects. One of the most famous consequences of obesity is Diabetes, which is a deadly disease, which is also neglected by many patients, Blood pressure problems, increased cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, which may cause blockage and Atherosclerosis, Arthritis due to increased pressure and other difficulties in movement, inactivity and shortness of breath. So the need for treatment for this deadly disease evolved, Here appeared Bariatric Surgeries such as Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, Banded Sleeve, which saved many lives and changed the lives of others significantly, but also had positive effects in getting rid of obesity and overweight and treating diseases associated with obesity, had some negative effects such as the occurrence of leakage after the operation Something that is the main focus of post-operative problems. Here appeared the best solution, which is considered a scientific miracle and a breakthrough in the field of bariatric surgery, which is the use of the so-called Smart Stapler in the Gastric Sleeve and below we will explain in details the composition of smart stapler and what distinguishes it from the traditional devices used in the Bariatric Surgeries. 

Smart Stapler

is the latest technology used in the field of bariatric surgery and the latest and updated findings of bariatric surgeons for its unique ability to prevent leakage after the completion of the operation. This is due to its holding for a smart chip that enables them to collect certain information and use certain staples. Therefore, scientific advances and technology have contributed to the treatment of many patients and made obesity processes easier, safer and even more accurate. 

Smart Stapler components: 

1- The body of the stapler itself, which contains a computer system that works with high accuracy to determine the thickness of the stomach tissue and the appropriate staples to be used. 
2- Staples used with stapler, which vary in thickness and length. 

How smart stapler work in the Gastric Sleeve Surgery: 

Smart stapler play an important role in the success of the operation, in the past was used electronic stapler, which are used now by many doctors in gastric sleeve operations and are considered good, but may cause leakage during or after the operation if the appropriate spare is used for the patient's stomach, this step is the responsibility of the doctor, but with the use of smart stapler, there is no such problem where the chip inside the stapler measures the thickness of the stomach and send data And the information to the screen which is present in the body of the stapler, which contains an advanced computer system and determines the thickness of the stomach tissue, its total size, its shape after Gastric Sleeve and staples that is best suited to it. If the spare contained in the stapler is suitable for the thickness of the stomach, it will be stapled immediately, but if the spare is not suitable, it will not be stapled once the spare is changed and suitable for the thickness of the stomach wall. So there's never going to be a leak with the use of smart stapler.
Also, staples that are used in smart staples are one of the newest and best spares in the world, and is the second generation of smart triple staples, known as Tri Stapler, which are staples of a special type that have different characteristics from traditional staples where they suture the stomach triplely through three different lengths, ensuring the closure of the wound, which prevents bleeding during and after the completion of the operation. It also maintains normal blood access to the stomach wall, which accelerates wound healing and prevents leakage.

What distinguishes smart stapler from other electronic stapler? 

1- What is characteristic of this stapler is the availability of high safety rates as it eliminated the most common complications of Bariatric Surgeries, which is leakage. 
2- Smart stapler gives the surgeon the shape that he can start working on before the operation by determining the thickness and size of the overall stomach. 
3- The doctor avoided problems caused by the wrong staples or the use of replacements that are not suitable for the thickness of the stomach because of its ability to recognize the thickness of the stomach accurately and determine the type of spare that will be used.
4- Do not cause any complications for the patient and help in the speed of stomach healing. 
5- It is used in cases where a previous Bariatric Surgery has failed. 
6- Helps the doctor to perform the operation better and easier because of its ability to move in all directions and most of the operation is done automatically.  
7- Tri Stapler technology eliminated the problem of bleeding completely. 
8- It is installed with an automated controller so the error rate is very small. 

Bariatric surgery is now more successful after the emergence of smart stapler, which eliminated the problems of bleeding and leakage once and for all, and therefore the patient has to apply for bariatric operations safely. Smart stapler is used in gastric sleeve and Gastric Bypass as well. However, the use of smart staples is still limited to some doctors. You can now get rid of obesity and its complications as stress, Diabetes, lethargy and laziness through the process of Gastric Sleeve in very short time. 

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