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Many obese people are now missing hope. They failed in many attempts to lose excess weight. Some resort to a specific diet, and there are those who resort to slimming medications. But recently, with the great progress and development that has taken place in bariatric surgeries. Doctors have come up with different types of operations that are performed using the latest medical techniques. For example, gastric sleeve, Gastric Bypass and other processes. These recent surgeries have changed the lives of many Obesed people. It freed them from the psychological and health constraints that obesity caused them. But there are those who are overweight and are not as big as 20 kilograms above the ideal weight. They're looking for easier and faster ways. That's why doctors are interested in research and development until they come up with the right solution for such people. It's the smart capsule.

What is the Smart Capsule?

The smart capsule is the first and only permitted in the world. An American-made capsule, working on a loss of 15 to 20 kilograms of excess weight above the ideal weight. That's only four months. This procedure is performed during your visit to the clinic doctor, without surgery, anesthesia or pain.

How does a Smart or Programmed Capsule settle in the stomach?

If you have a slight weight gain, it is 15 to 20 kg overweight. To lose this excess weight in four months. Follow the following steps:
* Choose the right specialist with high experience in the installation of the smart capsule or programmed capsule. 
* The doctor will determine the BMI factor. This is to know the percentage of excess weight.
* Your doctor offers you a smart capsule. All you have to do is swallow this capsule with a glass of water. 
* This smart capsule is connected to a very thin tube. This tube is used to inflate the smart capsule into the stomach after stabilizing the stomach. 
* The capsule is inflated when it occupies a large area of the stomach, and is filled with a custom sterile liquid.
* After the smart capsule or programmed capsule is inflated, the tube is automatically separated from the capsule. And then Doctor pull the tube through oral cavity.
* The capsule is fitted without surgery and pain. 

How is the Smart Capsule or Programmed Capsule removed? 

After the swollen smart capsule settles in the stomach. The body begins to significantly reduce the amount of meals as a result of the space occupied by the swollen smart capsule. Hence, the burn rate of fat in the body is increased. And you lose your excess weight quickly. 
The smart capsule stays stable in the stomach for four months. After this period, it automatically decomposes and disintegrates. Then it comes out of the body with the stool in a very natural way. All this without any surgical intervention.

What are the conditions for using a Smart or Programmed Capsule?

Of course, there are important conditions, and precise details should be paid to anyone who will undergo the installation of the smart capsule. They are:
- The Smart Capsule is allowed for those who are overweight above the ideal weight of about 15 to 20 kg.
- It is allowed for the elderly, or also the young, who are difficult to perform surgeries.

How much does a Smart Capsule or a Programmed Capsule affect you?

Dear Reader, we have reminded you of some information about the smart capsule or the programmed capsule, and now we are completing with you about its features. It does not treat obesity, but simple obesity (in which the overweight ranges from fifteen to twenty kilograms ). It also has some other features:
The smart capsule journey begins as soon as you swallow it with a glass of water, during your visit to the bariatric surgeon. When the capsule reaches the stomach and settles in its place, it begins to fill in and swell. The capsule is filled with a particular liquid with a very sterile liquid, through a thin tube attached to the capsule orally. After the capsule is filled, the thin tube is automatically separated from the capsule side. The tube is easily pulled orally. All this is done and the patient is sitting in full consciousness. 
- The capsule remains in the stomach occupying a large area of it, for four months. They are then analyzed automatically, and come out naturally with the stool.
- Balance Digital is provided with the smart capsule, to help you keep track of your weight. This balance also has a special application that is downloaded on smart phones, which makes it easier to follow your weight daily.

Important criteria to ensure that your health is safe. Let's know it:

When you decide to undergo a Bariatric surgery, you should consider some important criteria for your health. It is: 
- Find a doctor with high experience in this field, and has many acclaimed success stories from everyone.
- Find a doctor who uses the latest medical machines in the field of bariatric surgery.
- Find the doctor who provides you with integrated care and follow-up before and after the operation.

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