Bikini Gastric Sleeve

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Many people are obese, and many try in many ways to lose weight through diet and sports, but they fail to do so and resort to bariatric surgery for optimal weight and a better life.

Obesity surgeries have more than one type such as Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, balloon and Gastric band. These processes evolve day by day and there are several types of Gastric Sleeve surgeries such as Mini Gastric Sleeve, Single-Port Gastric Sleeve, and Bikini Gastric Sleeve, and we'll talk about the last type in detail in this article.

Bikini Gastric Sleeve

It is a gastric sleeve at the bikini line, and is characterized by the effects of surgery (scars) that are not visible to the eye.

Candidates for the Bikini Gastric Sleeve surgery

1- The BMI should be more than 40.
2- Performing the Bikini Gastric Sleeve surgery between the ages of 18 and 65 years.
3- The patients who suffer from the complications of obesity such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.
4- The patients who tried to lose weight through diet and exercises but did not achieve the desired result.
5- Some cases may be prohibited from the Bikini Gastric Sleeve surgery depending on the state of health and weight.

Steps of the Bikini Gastric Sleeve surgery

1- A small opening is made at the navel area, through which the camera is inserted and the stomach is taken out.
2- Two openings are made to insert laparoscope tools, and each opening doesn't exceed 1 cm.
3- The surgery takes place at the bikini line in places that are not visible at all, so it does not affect the aesthetic shape of the abdomen.
4- The duration of the surgery is about one hour.
5- One-day hospital stay, recovery and wound healing duration are very short.

Tips after the Bikini Gastric Sleeve

1- Chew food slowly and well.
2- Do not eat in cases of distress and anxiety.
3- Eat well mashed foods.
4- It is forbidden to eat sugars, fast food and hydrogenated fats.
5- It is forbidden to eat high-calorie foods.
6- Take dietary supplements recommended by your doctor.
7- Practice more exercises.
8- Maintaining regular drinking of water.

Expectations after the Bikini Gastric Sleeve

1- Maintaining the natural functioning of the digestive system.
2- The surgery contributes significantly to the treatment of complications of obesity such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, arthritis and also significantly improving the psychological condition.
3- Helps reduce hunger and speed of fullness after eating small amounts of food.
4- Loss of 60% of excess weight within one year.
5- Changing the patient's lifestyle in terms of a new diet and commitment to sports to maintain the outcome of the operation.

Traditional Gastric Sleeve and Bikini Gastric Sleeve

Traditional Gastric Sleeve
1- It is done by laparoscopy through 5 small openings not more than 1 cm long. 
2- The surgical opening in the navel to insert the camera and other openings is done in the abdominal area and causes some small scars to be left in the abdomen. 
3- It affects the aesthetic shape of the abdomen and causes some discomfort and embarrassment especially for women.
4- It is done by cutting a large longitudinal part of the stomach until it becomes like the tube, so the person feels full.

Bikini Gastric Sleeve
1- As we mentioned the steps of the surgery before, it is characterized by the fact that it does not affect the aesthetic shape of the abdomen and does not leave traces of wounds such as the Traditional Gastric Sleeve.
2- The Bikini Gastric Sleeve surgery helps to reduce the rate of secretion of the hormone ghrelin, which is secreted through the cells of the fundus the stomach, which is the hormone responsible for stimulating hunger.
3- The tools that are used are long, can only be performed with a surgeon with great experience.

Information on Mini Gastric Sleeve and Single-Port Gastric Sleeve

Mini Gastric Sleeve 
1- The openings are made through the five laparoscopic openings in their natural place.
2- It is made with very precise machines only 3 mm thick.
3- It is not closed by suturing and doesn't leave a trace of the wound.
Single-Port Gastric Sleeve
1- The surgeon brings a tool from some companies that resemble the funnel with small openings.
2- Surgical opening-laparoscope inserts into these small openings.
3- This operation is not the best choice for the surgeon because it works in a narrow space.

Complications of Bariatric Surgery in general

- Any surgery in general could have complications for many reasons such as failure to comply with the doctor's instructions before and after the operation, or problems that may occur from anesthesia and sometimes lack of experience of the doctor. 
- But on another level the complications of bariatric surgery became few due to scientific and medical progress and the use of the latest techniques to get rid of obesity, especially after the start of the use of the surgical laparoscope to help reduce the rate of bleeding and the decrease of the recovery period.
- There are some complications that may occur after bariatric surgery such as:
1- Infection.
2- Severe bleeding.
3- Leaking or blockage of the intestine.
4- Inscisional Hernia.
5- Injury to some organs such as liver and spleen.
If any of these complications occur, consult your doctor as soon as possible.

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