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Nasr City Clinic: 13 B Buildings of the Arab Manufacturing Authority, Hafiz Ramadan Street, next to City Center, First of Makram Ebeid, City Nasr City.
Saturday and Tuesday
5TH Settlement: CMC Medical Mall - 5th Settlement - 90N - Behind The Air Force Hospital - 2nd Floor - Clinic 224.
Monday and Wednesday 

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Hundreds of success stories from all over the world

Dr. Wael Shaalan is honored by hundreds of success stories from all over the world.

Integrated Medical Team

We guarantee you to deal with an integrated medical team with the highest level of professionalism and medical progress.

24/7 days with you on Social Media

Dr. Wael Shaalan's team is honoured to be with you 24/7 days on all social media platforms.

Latest Technology

We are honored to use the latest integrated system for bariatric surgery..SIS System which is  Safe, Invisible bariatric surgeries.

About Us

Dr. Wael Shaalan is famous for his clear futuristic vision of a new life without obesity, as one of Dr. Wael's goals is to stand by anyone who tries to change his life for the better until he reaches a new life with the weight he has always been dreaming of.
Dr. Wael Shaalan is proud of his work as a surgeon specializing in bariatric surgery and cherishes his role in helping all his patients reach safety and is honored to be trusted with impressive and distinct success stories from different Arab gulf countries and other countries from all over the world.

DR Wael Shaalan

We are proud to perform Bariatric Surgeries with SIS technology, which is the latest bariatric surgery system in the world.
It is an abbreviation for: Safe Invisible Bariatric Surgeries.
Safe: because we follow many tests, surgical instruments and standards that make surgery completely safe.
Invisible: by performing surgery with minimal and invisible wounds.


Samar Soso
I would like to thank Dr Wael for the result that I have reached and Pray for me, As rest some kilos for me to reach the ideal weight. I hope that my ...

Samar Soso

It was the best day of our lives, a year and 10 days ago.
The point of change in our lives when my husband Fouad decided to perform the operation.
And it was, T...

Asmaa Abbas

MassAllah..God bless you DR.Wael Shaalan.

Nour Al Rahman

Thanks God, that brings us Well.
From 223 to 123 kilos in 10 months, Gastric Sleeve, Local Anesthesia
Thanks, Happiness maker, DR.Wael Shaalan.

Ahmed Said

Today, February 25, 2020
Today is my first birthday 😂
Thank God I completed my first year in the best health and best state.
For years I have been buried unde...

Essam Magdy Maatouk

Peace be upon you and May God fill your times with all the best and goodness. A year passed and a lot has changed. Thanks to God and his will. I called Dr Wael Sh...

Abu Malik Saleh Farag

Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings
First of all, happy year for all of us and you as well.
Second I wanted to share my joy that I am in after the G...

Alaa Menam

Fatma Hamza
Thank God For the good things He has done, I was very reluctant to perform the operation and now thanks to God and then to the excellent medical team...

Fatma Hamza

Peace be on you...Whatever I say, I will not give you your right. As I lived after being dead. My life was almost finished and I was dying slowly. Thanks to God ...

Sahàr Mohàmeď

How are you dears and my beautiful group and how are you, Dr. Wael?
I love to impress you and introduce you to what is new about me. God bless you, of course, yo...

Adam Ashref

Like today, A year ago, I came back to my life after I was almost dead from diseases. God made Dr Wael Shaalan and all his team, the reason that I went back to li...

Amal Farouk

A year passed and thanks God.
I thank Dr. Wael and Madam Noha my beloved for their follow up after the operation. Thank God, I got rid of the Diabetes and Hypert...

Dalia Mohamed

Thank God, A year passed for the best decision I took, And, rest 10 days to complete a year on the operation. I don't know anything other than God bless you Dr. W...

Hala Mohamed

Thank God, then to the people of gratitude, the most skilled surgeon in the Arab world, DR/Wael Shaalan, and his distinguished medical and administrative teams.

Tarek Ghorab